Yesterday a flurry of articles announced a link between older fathers and autistic children. A study of Israeli children revealed: “The older the age of the father at the time of birth, the higher the chances of the offspring to have autism,” Reichenberg says. “In fathers who were 40 years or older, the risk for […] Continue reading

Bleach blonde bombshell actress, model, and mom Amy Deming decides to reclaim the term “MILF” by spelling it “MILPH” (“Mothers in Life, Passion, Health”) and hawking a cheesecake calendar of moms for masturbation purposes. I’m thinking bimbo breeders might be a better moniker. “The term MILF is derogatory and alludes to graphic images of mothers, […] Continue reading

Soft drinks may be getting yanked from school vending machines, but that doesn’t mean that teens are weaning themselves from caffeine and sugar. Not when Starbucks franchises are popping up around high schools. There’s debate on whether Starbucks is marketing to kids. The kids themselves say hell yeah. Giana doesn’t buy Starbucks’ claim that it’s […] Continue reading

Within a few short days, I came across two articles inflaming fears of changing demographics:First there’s proud racist Pat Buchanan, whose new book is about closing US borders to protect the white race. America faces an existential crisis. If we do not get control of our borders, by 2050 Americans of European descent will be […] Continue reading