Another confession from a true liberal

March 15, 2006

OK so the confession about my kid going to a charter school kind of reminds me of another thing I just did that I never thought I would- we just got a puppy- not from the POUND!!!

We already have one dog who we adopted from the pound when he was 5 months old- he is a nice dog for us- but he is kind of a freak.  He likes us, but he is really shy and scared of other people.  Maybe some animal rescue people could have spent the time to get him over all of his issues, but I guess we havn’t.  I mean we take him to the dog park and walks, but we have not taken him to a dog shrink or anything. My hubby loves German Shephards and grew up with them. 3 years ago we got a 7 year old German Shepard from the German Shephard rescue group here.  She bonded to me right away- I mean BONDED  with a capital B, but was not interested in anyone else in the family.  She was not a “family” dog really.  She hardly even paid attention to the kids.  Around Christmas she died.  We were all sad- but it was sad how much it didn’t crush us. I know there are some animal people who probably would think I am cruel- but really she was not a part of our family like other dogs I have had.  
A friend of ours has a year old German Shepard he got from some friends of his who breed them every once in a while at their house- not a “puppy farm” by any stretch of the imagination.  They sell them for not a lot of money and only to people they know or from referals.  They just love having puppies and they can do it and not lose money.  Anyway this friend of ours is a younger guy who loves our daughter- he has known her since she was an infant and he convinced my hubby to bring a little girl puppy home for her birthday which is St. Patrick’s Day.  My husband had to go to Mexico this week for family issues so he brought the puppy home and surprised the kids on Sunday.  My daughter almost died (she knows that it was really a surprise for her brother too- but since it is so close to her B-day she felt like the special one.)  I mean hearing her at school the next day telling absolutely everyone that her “papa” brought her a puppy for her birthday was almost too much.  

We all love our little Lola.  She is so cute and even though she wakes me up in the middle of the night and then is totally awake at 5:00 ready for action I don’t even care.

Is there a point to this story? Yes- I have changed my ideas about some things as I have gotten older.  Not everything is so black and white like I used to think.  It is not just Public vs. Private school, just like it is not just adopting a puppy vs. buying from an evil breader.  Sometimes you do things because it is the best fit for your family.