Animals, Husbands, Foreign Dictators (w/Poll)

July 5, 2006

Maybe you’ve heard about Amy Sutherland’s column recently published in the NY Times entitled “What Shamu Taught Me About A Happy Marriage.”  It’s been so popular that Maureen Dowd wrote another whole column about it published in today’s NY Times.

I read it a few days ago, and I thought, “well I’m already using these tactics on my kids, is it that much of a jump to do it to my husband too?”

But then this morning I saw the headlines about North Korea, and had a whole new insight regarding the least reinforcing syndrome (“LRS”).  Why don’t we just ignore the crazy dictators of the world when the circumstances are right?  (E.g., when they are not actually hurting anyone else and their actions seem designed to attract attention.)
For five minutes, there was a poll on actually offering that as one of the four potential answers.  I chose “Ignore Pyongyang” and was disheartened to see that only 12% of the readers had joined me in the fundamental insight that North Korea is acting out to get attention while 48% of the respondents thought “military action” was the proper measure.

So, Mothertalkers readers, what do you think?  In how many areas of life can we put Amy Sutherland’s insights to good use?