An Introduction.

February 18, 2006

I was inspired by Fabooj’s post to introduce myself, I hope she doesn’t mind the copycat! 🙂

I am a WAHM now, who was a trial lawyer before getting pregnant at age 39. I immediately knew that my profession was not “baby friendly” (at the office at 7:00 a.m., never home before 6:00 p.m.) and so I resigned my partnership in my firm, took the payout and launched a consulting business that I could do from home. It was not immediately successful, and I was fortunate that my husband could keep us somewhat afloat. (To all of the single working moms out there: my hat is off. I am in awe of you.)

I am an admitted amateur in this baby thing I’ve been looking for a group of women who can talk about
issues other than who didn’t show up at church last week and the scandal of the story reader at the public library who said “CRAP!” when she dropped her book accidentally. I joined a few local groups, but I won’t go into disparagement mode. These are nice women, very nice. Much nicer than I am. But in these groups, if I did anything other than nod and smile, I was met with blank stares and “Um.. Great! Good point. Okay, who wants more tea….?” responses. Sure, I want to talk about my kid. But I’d also like to talk about politics, current events, computers, travel, philosophy, even religion, in the broader context of how it affects our children. In reading the posts here, I’m hopeful that I have found a group of like minds, even if most of you seem to be from the “other” coast! 🙂