Amen to These Sisters

August 26, 2006

Since the Forbes story struck a nerve with us this week, please let me re-visit and confirm to you that Michael Noer is as much a jerk in his column as in real life. A friend of mine — who also works in the media — e-mailed me that one of her friends underwent a tough breakup with him and that he was “such an asshole.” The friend should consider herself lucky.

On the topic of career women, this letter to the editor in the Aug. 21 edition of People magazine had me vigorously nodding my head in agreement:

Regarding your story about rumors that Oprah Winfrey and her best friend Gayle King are lesbians, why is it that if a woman never marries she must be gay, but if a man never marries he is considered an eligible bachelor?

Laurie Emerson Biloxi, Miss.

Right? I remember poor Janet Reno having to defend herself against such “lesbian rumors,” too. She was forced to declare on TV, “I like men!” Unbelievable.

For a more light-hearted take on some of the misogyny around us, Jennifer Peaty of Vancouver, Washington, made me laugh with her letter to the editor in People’s August 28 edition. She responded to Peter Cook’s apology for cheating on model wife Christie Brinkley with a teenager. If you can recall, People speculated that Cook cheated on Brinkley because he was intimidated by her career and bristled at being known as “Mr. Christie Brinkley.”

On the page opposite the article about the “abject apology” that cheating husband Peter Cook offered his, hopefully, soon-to-be ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, there was an advertisement with a pizza’s apology for giving toast “crust envy.” Frankly, I believe the pizza.

Jennifer Peaty Vancouver, Wash.

Ha! Well said, sister.