A Mother's Vindication

August 17, 2006

A former schoolteacher has been arrested in connection with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Prosecutors are urging the public “not to jump to conclusions,” but after a 10-year investigation, you have to assume they wouldn’t arrest just anyone.

I can’t stop thinking about JonBenet’s mother Patsy, who died a few months ago after battling ovarian cancer.

She went to her grave still carrying the stigma of a murder suspect. The media crucified her, and just about everyone, me included, assumed she had something to do with the murder of her daughter.

But according to this Associated Press story, Patsy knew when she died that police had a suspect in the case:

But even before the confession, the Ramsey family was heralding news they hoped would finally end the suspicion that has hung over the parents of the 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant.

“Patsy was aware that authorities were close to making an arrest in the case and had she lived to see this day, would no doubt have been as pleased as I am,” said John Ramsey, the girl’s father, in a statement.

I can’t imagine the hell this poor family lived through, first seeing their daughter murdered in such a grisly fashion, then being held up to scrutiny and judgment. Yes, the beauty pageant stuff was creepy, but by all accounts they were devoted parents who mourned deeply for the loss of their only daughter.

“John and Patsy lived their lives knowing they were innocent, trying to raise a son despite the furor around them,” said family attorney Lin Wood. “It’s been a very long 10 years, and I’m just sorry Patsy isn’t here for me to hug her neck.”

I wish the Ramsey family peace and justice.