A Letter of Introduction

September 10, 2006

Hi there all you MotherTalkers (in my head this sounds vaguely dirty, more like MUTHATALKERS).  

My name is Cara and I live in New Mexico.  I am a mother of four children, Amanda age 8, Sarah age 6, Maddie age 6 and William, 2.  I stay at home and my husband works in Santa Fe, about 71 miles away from home.  I am enjoying the peaceful country life, and clean mountain air, but I am beginning to really miss grownups.

So a few months ago I started blogging.  I first created “LIBERALTRUTHSAYER” at http://liberaltruthsayer.blogspot.com and then New Mexicans for Richardson at http://newmexicansforrichardson.blogspot.com.  Yesterday I opened a new, non-political blog, Why My Husband Hates Me at http://whymyhusbandhatesme.blogspot.com.  That one is just musings about marriage and family life.

I also post regularily to Dailykos, and try to keep abreast of the world events, even though some of them are just too scary to deal with.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

So I found this link to Muthatalkers on Kos and thought you all looked like a smart bunch of wimmins, and after perusing some of your blogs a funny as hell bunch of wimmins to boot.  I would love to join your ranks.  

It’s lonely here at the top (of the mountain)!