Yet another intro

May 11, 2006

OK–Gray Goose has shamed me into introducing myself (unintentionally, of course). Like her, I hate doing intros, but here goes.

I’m 41, happily married, and the mother of two lovely boys–Ben (7) and Sean (4.5). We live in Chile, in a small town about an hour north of Santiago. My husband and I are both from northern California, but we have been here since 1993. Both kids were born here, and we have way too many pets to export, so this is home for the foreseeable future. We are all fluent in Spanish and English, and the kids are going to the German School, so I’ve recently taken up German again after a 20+ year break (yikes).

Work-wise, I’m a freelance copyeditor and translator. I have an office on the second floor of our home–great commute, but sometimes I miss the office environment. The flexibility is important, though, since it lets me spend time with the kids during the day.