Yes, Our Children Are Paying Attention

August 4, 2006

As we all know, kids pick up EVERYTHING they see and hear.  My oldest son has offered much evidence of this the past few days.
Two days ago, he ate the last popsicle.  Without even thinking about it, he put the empty popsicle box into the recycling.  He didn’t even ask where it went.

Yesterday, my husband came home in a pretty irritable mood and snapped at me.  “Why is he mad at you?”  son number one asked.

This morning, we were getting ready to run an errand, and without being told he cleared all the toys out of the driveway so they wouldn’t get run over (something he’s seen me do many times).

Finally, he has apparently been paying A LOT of attention to the NPR that is always on in the car.  This afternoon, “Fresh Air” began and he excitedly shouted, “Fresh Air!  We’ve never heard that before.”  Later in the day he heard the “All Things Considered” theme song and said, “Oh, that’s  ‘All Things Considered’.”  And, after dinner tonight, while he was in the middle of some game involving a dump truck and Luke Skywalker, I heard him singing, “Oh, we’re the Prarie Home Companions and were here to help!  Were the Prarie Home Companions and we save the day!”

So, what surprising things have your kids picked up from you lately?