Would Jesus Forgive the Iraq War Hawks?

April 16, 2006

It’s Easter Sunday and my mom — who is visiting from New Hampshire — and sister are at church.

I am honoring the resurrection of Christ by writing this blog post while Markos and Ari watch “b-ball,” or basketball together. Hey, this is a very important game! (Markos, when isn’t it the most important game of the season??) I am sure our Lord and Savior will understand.

Anyways, my born-again Christian mom’s constantly preaching about how “Jesus saves” and the “Christians are persecuted” coupled with this Salon blog post had me thinking: How do we best deal with people who once supported the insidious war in Iraq yet have “flip-flopped” to our side? Do we simply roll out the welcome mat — forgive and forget? — as Arianna Huffington suggested on Thursday? Or, do we hold them accountable for their prior support as this Salon piece and others suggested:

It would be one thing if the Newt Gingriches of the world had acknowledged from the beginning that opposition to — or even questions about — the war could be both reasonable and legitimate. They didn’t. As recently as this January, Gingrich was suggesting to his friends at Fox News that Americans who raised doubts about the war at home were giving “comfort” to Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants.

It would be one thing if the George W. Bushes and Dick Cheneys of the world would acknowledge the way in which the Bush administration twisted intelligence to pave the way for war and then justify it afterward. They haven’t.

Very true. And the change of heart in people like Newt Gingrich doesn’t always come off as sincere.

But as Oprah is my Goddess, I am much more likely to forgive and welcome them into the fold. Teach them how real Christians are supposed to behave. I would much rather have those who still support the war pray hard in church today. As for God, if you are reading this, I pray that You open their eyes.

On a related, but happier note, more than 100 gay and lesbian families plan to stake out the White House lawn tomorrow for the annual “Easter Egg Roll.” The event, which features an egg hunt, face painting and other activities, is also part of the group’s strategy to raise their visibility as politicians debate new restrictions on same-sex adoptions and marriage.

Whenever I meet anyone from the pious crowd making it a point to attend church such as a day like today, yet, they oppose same-sex marriage or adoption, I am reminded of this very popular bumper sticker in Berkeley: “Hate is not a family value.”

Happy Easter everyone!