Women Who Should Not Be Moms

May 2, 2006

If we need anymore evidence that not all women are born to be mothers, read this news item.

Lorinda Hawkins, 28, of Wisconsin, got drunk at a bowling alley in February 2005, breastfed her baby and then fell asleep on top of the child. Now she is facing trial for smothering the baby.

She could face up to 21 years in prison for the crime.

Prosecutor John Jorgensen said he would recommend that she receive at least some prison time.

“We just believe she should be held accountable for the neglect,” he said.

You think?

In another unrelated, nonetheless, trashy CNN story, Anna Nicole Smith scored a unanimous victory in the Supreme Court to continue her fight to claim a large part of her late billionaire husband’s fortune. The case was remanded to the lower courts, which doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll beat J. Howard Marshall’s eldest son for assets worth as much as $1.6 billion.

Just that she has another crack at it.

State and federal courts have disagreed over whether Smith should receive any part of the estate.

A U.S. bankruptcy judge initially awarded her $474 million, which later was reduced to about $90 million. A federal appeals court eventually dismissed the entire award.

A state probate court also dismissed her claims, saying E. Pierce Marshall was the sole heir.

Well, here’s to another round of family drama…