Who’s marching tomorrow?

January 20, 2017
Who’s marching tomorrow?

Well, that happened and we’re now all officially the opposition to the 45th President. Time to roll up the sleeves and do what we always do – get to work, snark aplenty and have a cup of whatever floats the boat at the end of the day.

Who is marching tomorrow? It’s Saturday in Melbourne, and there is an official companion/solidarity parade. I’m not there, because we had previous plans to be out of the city. But I’m finishing off my pink hat to wear in solidarity with the marchers tomorrow.

If you’re marching, send photos! If you’re wearing something pink, show us here!



  • CornflakeGirl

    I’m not able to due to a meeting I have at the same time (crossing my fingers that traffic doesn’t impact the morning too much). But, I wanted to share this with any of you who are dealing with “snowflake” insults online. Look what snowflakes can do when they join together:

    • Rachel Alembakis

      Good luck with your meeting tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll wow them!

    • SwissClogs

      Good luck with your meeting, CG!

  • Sheri

    I’m marching! My family of 4, plus my mom, are all planning to march. I have no signs because I don’t feel like carrying one, but am considering a last minute run to the fabric store to buy pink fleece and make some quickie fleece pussy hats. I tried asking around here and checking online to see if anyone is selling them, but to no avail. Pro tip–do not type “pink pussy” into a search box on Craigslist.

  • SwissClogs

    There was a march here in downtown Amsterdam, by the US consulate and another near the embassy in The Hague. 3000 people turned up in Amsterdam. We were originally unable to go because of soccer and field hockey games of the kids but both were cancelled. We ended up staying at home because we needed a bit of downtime. I love seeing the pictures of DC and other places. Yesterday was a dreadful moment and it gives me hope to see this movement develop.

    • Rachel Alembakis

      There were great rallies in Melbourne and Sydney. No joke, it gives me life.

  • morningwalker

    I am marching! Heading to Walnut Creek soon…coughing my lungs up, but that won’t stop me. Can’t wait to see the sea of pussyhats and fellow justice & equality seekers. March on strong ones!

  • lilianna28
  • Steel Blue Kittycat

    Marched in Philadelphia with DH and Stormy. Original predictions were 20,000. By this morning, 39,000 had registered. The total turnout was apparently more than 50,000 … and that’s with us being in easy driving distance of DC.

    • Rachel Alembakis

      Hello you!

  • Rachel Alembakis
  • Sue Izeman

    I marched – NYC was packed – I feel (a little) bad for anyone who tried to do anything else in Manhattan. The East Side was totally shut down – some streets blocked off by NYPD, other streets just impassable because of thousands and thousands of people. The mood was very positive (except maybe for the taxi drivers). I had hoped to join a group called the Sisterhood of Salaam and Shalom, a group of Jewish and Muslim women, but our small group from our Temple never managed to meet up with the larger group. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f21f06b0fe330ecd97d59db20ea79d41dea8c5f714db32884804a1a7cbe79d3d.jpg

  • SnarkyMom

    We marched! First here at home, then in Concord. So. Much. Marching. It felt really positive and uplifting and I’m so glad I went. I think we have a lot to do but I finally feel like we’re ready to go.

  • Rocky

    We didn’t march but spent last night knitting hats for our neighborhood marchers. I’ve heard that chicago had so many people that there wasn’t a March. Just a stand of people filling the whole March route as well as all the tributaries. Something to behold.

  • SnarkyMom

    So I have to add that I marched with my sister and her friends in Concord. They were sort of talking quietly between themselves until suddenly my sister said, “Ask her. She’ll know. She always knows about this kind of thing.” Turns out they couldn’t figure out what the deal was with the pussy hats. I explained (which was a hoot because they all HATE the word pussy) and then we moved on- but I’m not sure what it means that my sister assumes (apparently correctly) that I know about whatever “this kind of thing” is.

  • Jill Hofmans

    I went to DC. It was terribly and very over-crowded and could’ve gone wrong at any minute. But it didn’t. So many “please, thank you, excuse me, and sorrys” – just lovely. Empowering and bittersweet to be there. How in the fuck did we lose this election????