What Are Your Children's Favorite Books?

May 21, 2006

We received a request for a list of children’s favorite books. Here is that letter in its entirety:

Just a note to ask if you could write about the books your children have been most responsive to from their first ones. We have a new baby in the family and as an aunt I want to get her to love books from the earliest moment.  I also would like to know if you know of any authors who are writing books for children about important issues in the world like caring about other people in the world, the environment, history, ethics so children can understand, animals but more than the warm and fuzzy stories, stories about endangered species and responsible care for animals, even how early to get children to think critically. This may be a huge order but I think that the moms and dads (and aunts etc) who read you columns would love the benefit of your experience or referrals to appropriate sites.  Thank you for considering this request.

Sincerely, Helen Brown San Rafael CA

My two cents: I read to my 2.5-year-old son in Spanish and in English and his favorites are:

1.) Azucar, a story in Spanish about the life of Cuban singer Celia Cruz
2.) Roberto The Insect Architect
3.) Buenas Noches Luna or Good Night Moon
4.) Viaje a la Luna or Trip to the Moon
5.) Any of the Eric Carle books
6.) Any of the Dr. Seuss books

Other suggestions? What about children’s books, which impart progressive values such as environmentalism and compassion?