What A Mom Wants

August 20, 2006

As I’ve mentioned before, my guilty pleasure is reality shows. Especially the ones that involve transformation–whether it’s the fashion designers on “Project Runway” turning recycled materials into a haute couture creation, or homeowners revamping their rundown living rooms before putting their house on the market on “Designed To Sell.”

So Friday night I was eager to watch yet another new reality show on TLC. Cover Shot sounded promising. The premise: orindary, harried moms are transformed into magazine cover models with makeup, gorgeous designer gowns and artful photography.

Former Victoria’s Secret underwear model Frederique guides each mom on her transformative journey. The first mom had lost more than 150 pounds with the help of gastric bypass, but still felt like a fat frump. Enter a wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer, whose job it was to turn her into a knockout.

Harried Mommy tried on dozens of fabulous dresses. She got hair extensions. She was literally airbrushed with makeup to hide her flaws. She considered wrapping a boa constrictor around her neck to get a more dramatic shot.

And then…I fell asleep. Just conked out at 10:15 p.m. on a Friday night, and didn’t wake up until 9 a.m. the next day (bless my daughter for sleeping in!).

So I don’t know how Harried Mommy’s cover shot turned out, or how she reacted when her photograph was unveiled as a giant billboard in Times Square.

I guess for some women, the thought of a huge makeover and glamorous photo shoot is appealing. But if I could have anything I wanted, it would be a few more hours in each day, so I don’t end up passing out from exhaustion every few weeks. A few more hours to get some exercise in every day, finally start my daughter’s scrapbook, have some time after work to take Maya to the park, and snuggle with my husband every night. Not to mention get some extra shut eye and get rid of these dark circles that seem to have taken up permanent residence under my eyes.

A mom can dream, can’t she?

What’s YOUR wish?