Weekend Open Thread

August 12, 2006

My family is off for a much-needed, computer-free, cell-phone-less trip to El Salvador, which is where my mother-in-law lives. Even DH has agreed to leave his laptop, which is a first in a LONG time. We plan to take a two-day childfree trip to Guatemala, leaving our son with his grandmother.

Of course, this means I must spend time with my MIL, which isn’t always a treat. A meticulous housekeeper who vacuums and mops her floors every day, she likes to point out my messiness and any wrinkle or stain on my husband and son’s clothes. “You don’t iron, Elisa?'” she asks me every single time we see each other. And in every single trip, I am forced to admit that I am a terrible housewife.

I know it’s an old-school Latin mothering trait — both my grandmothers are this way — and I try not to take it personally. My husband told her to back off on our last trip almost two years ago. But, it’s caused a family feud so I always enter her house with trepidation.

What is your relationship like with your own MILs, fellow MotherTalkers? Do you dread family vacations as much as I do?

Have a good rest of the week all! I will “see” you when I get back in eight days.