Weekend Open Thread

October 24, 2014

Good news: High heels are dead!

It seems that flat shoes with roomy footbeds are all the rage.

Running shoes, Birkenstocks, Teva-type hiking sandals and Adidas-style slides were among the low shoes with a high profile during the recent spring fashion shows on the runway—and in the audience. Wide, flat footbeds, toe room, cushiony soles. Slaves to fashion have never been so comfortable.

I won’t wear Birkenstocks, Tevas or Adidas slides, but I am loyal to ballet flats, and rock flip flops year-round. A platform sandal is as close as I’ll get to voluntarily wearing heels. I did wear a beautiful pair of heels to a wedding a few weeks ago and my calves were sore for FOUR DAYS. Oy.

I am also loving tall, flat riding boots for fall. I found a similar pair at Target for less than $40, paired them with skinny jeans and a loose sweater and VOILA! Instant style and comfort. I spend about 80 percent of my days in semi-sweaty workout clothes, so I am trying to make more of an effort to look halfway decent (on the weekends, at least). What are your go-to clothing and shoe styles? Which trends do you wish would make a comeback? I miss chunky Mary Jane shoes. Sigh.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!