Weekend Open Thread

August 3, 2013

It’s the weekend, y’all!

DH is away on a business/cycling trip, and DD went to her very first sleepover last night. It was just me and DS, so we decided to head over to my parents’ for a visit.

Well apparently DS has gotten used to being dropped off at the Abuelitos’ residence, because he immediately started asking me to leave! All I could do was laugh. So my parents agreed to watch him while I met Gloria and her DD at a movie.

We watched The To Do List. It was funny and awkward and VERY raunchy. Kind of in the American Pie mold, but told from a teenage girl’s perspective as she sets out to lose her virginity and learn all there is to know about sex. Plus, the story took place in 1993 as the lead character was graduating high school – the very year I graduated, too. The fashion and the music were spot on. I was very entertained (and felt very old! My era is now send-up material. The 90s are the new 80s!).

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!