Weekend Open Thread

March 16, 2013

It’s the weekend, y’all!

DD started reading Harry Potter last night. She is in 2nd grade and can be quite sensitive, so we are making sure to read it alongside her, but she is doing all the reading aloud. It was pretty astounding to hear her read so clearly and smoothly. It was also fun to stop and help her figure out the definition of words like “gingerly” and “beady.” I’ve never read the books myself, so I’m enjoying the story.

I told her there’s a chance she might not be ready for the subject matter and if so, that’s OK, we’ll put it aside and try again next year. But I also told her if she likes the first book and ends up finishing it, we can watch the movie. Parenthood is such a blast sometimes  😛

What new things are your kids up to? And what are YOU up to on this, the last official weekend of winter?

Chat away!