Wednesday Morning Open Thread

November 21, 2012

What’s up?

CNN ran a fascinating opinion piece by feminist writer Stephanie Coontz on why men — and women — behave the way they do during an affair. She was writing this in response to the Petraeus scandal.

In another sad scandal, Kevin Clash, the voice behind Elmo, has resigned amid allegations that he slept with underage men. He was on the job for 28 years. I find this all shocking and sad as my oldest especially was a huge Elmo fan. What are your thoughts?

This Upworthy video is too good not to share. It’s about how a monkey reacts to find out it is not receiving equal pay for equal work. Sounds familiar, huh?

I didn’t realize this, but there is a way for the post office to mark the mail from Santa Claus. Very cute.

Here’s another article I read from top to bottom. The New York Times ran a story about children of color who attend largely white and privileged private schools in New York City. I am looking forward to checking out the two documentaries that are mentioned.

Last, but definitely not least, I want to mention the Wal-Mart strikers. I will be thinking of them as I sit down with my family for Thanksgiving because, thankfully, my workplace gives me the day off. Paid. I don’t need to tell you, but Wal-Mart has a hideous record of disrespecting workers, whether it’s not paying them overtime or under-compensating them so they can’t afford to raise their families. Not only do I urge you not to give them your business on Black Friday, but please consider donating to sponsor a striking worker and/or signing the many petitions that are out there:, Courage Campaign and to name a few.

On that note, I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your families! Peace!