Viva Las Vegas

March 29, 2006

First off, if you’re going to YearlyKos, you’ll definitely be delighted.  All of us board members who attended had such wonderful meetings and the trip definitely reaffirmed our enthusiam in this daunting project as well as drained our pocketbooks (as volunteers we paid for the whole trip ourselves and I spent a lot more than I had planned).  Meeting face to face allowed us to get more things done than via email or on a conference call too, so that was really nice.

More importantly, this was my first trip away from the family.  Let me tell you, it was very, very nice.  So nice, I’m thinking of doing this at least twice a year.  I talked to them several times a day and even set up my webcam.  

My plane left at 7:00am and SuperShuttle picked me up at 4:45am.  I thought I’d be leaving everyone sleeping.  For one reason or another, the whole family was awake to see me off.  I was kinda of glad I got to see them one last time.  Especially since every time I fly, I’m convinced it’s my last day on earth.  I did almost cancel, because Ilia was burning up hot, I was convinced she had a temperature.  I gave her some Motrin and put her back to bed.

Some details below:
Friday morning, my plane landed at 8:05am and I was at the hotel by 8:35am.  I called home to make sure my husband had taken Ilia to school, but he heard me say, “She has a fever, don’t take her to school”, when I said, “If she has a fever, don’t take her to school”.  Apparently, she was just hot because the heat was up in her room and she had a huge comforter on her.  At any rate, I had a very good meeting with the father of one of our volunteers who owns a business across from the Riviera.  By noon, I was back at the hotel and ready to sleep.  First, thing’s first, I went to the bathroom.  Can I tell you how absolutely delighted I was to be able to go to the bathroom without an audience.  No little girl running in, “Mama, whatcha doin’?”  No husband barging in to chat.  It was pure heaven.  I called my husband who had work for me, then I was out to more meetings.  I got back to the hotel around 5:30pm and after doing some work, set up the webcam.  I got them on the webcam around 7pm and it was great to see them.  Alton seemed really confused about hearing my voice but not seeing me.  Ilia acted like she was on TV and sang and danced for me.  Enough of that, I was tired.

The next day was more of the same; meetings, meetings, phone calls to the family, meetings, webcam, meetings and one last phone call.  By this time, I was feeling very okay about not being home.  I didn’t feel like ‘mama’ or someone’s wife (which was totally okay with this absolutey grotesque guy who decided to hit on me in the casino) and was just me.  My roommates went to bed around midnight and I couldn’t sleep (too early for me), so I went down to the casino and walked about the Strip for a bit.  The joys of not having my husband come up to me every 30 minutes complaining about how the slot machines are against him was more than I could stand.  I called him at 1:45am to let him know that he’s no longer going to Vegas with me.  Ever.  I believe his response was “Bite me.”  Whatever.  

Sunday, our last full day there we meet with the local YearlyKos volunteers.  One of our group left and a few others had meetings.  I had the whole day free, as I was supposed to see my best friend, but she’s having a very hard time of things now and couldn’t make it to see me.  I went to the casino and gambled, walked down the Strip again and had a little fun.  I didn’t make a single phone call home the whole day.  My husband called me around 8pm, after we had had dinner asking me if I had forgotten they existed.  Ha!  No, I was finally getting comfortable and my anxiety was gone.  I spoke to the kids a little bit, took a pic for them on my mobile and hung up.  My husband was a little miffed I wasn’t at the hotel because he just bought a new webcam and wanted to use it.  Too bad, sucker!  I was on the Strip!!!  

So Monday morning, I had yet another contact cancel on me (that’s apparently very common in Vegas), but didn’t have anyone to fill his space so I did some work, checked out of the hotel and went to the airport for one last meeting.  The thought of flying was filling me with dread, so I called the house one last time (you know, before my plane crashed into the Strip) and my husband actually had the nerve to act like, I was bothering him.  At that point, I realized that we both survived this weekend and will survive more.  I’m actually thinking of leaving him and the kids here while I’m attending YK.