Tuesday Open Thread: Mad about Mad Men

June 5, 2012

It’s Tuesday! And I am DYING to talk about Mad Men.

Those last two episodes: WHEW. Talk about water cooler moments! So grab a Dixie cup and let’s dish:

****SPOILER ALERT!!!**** Stop reading if you’re not caught up . . . 

Did Joan do the right thing? Would she have made the same decision if she had found out (in time!) that Don wasn’t on board? Did Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce land the account fair and square, or will this “get” be forever tainted? What about Peggy? Was she right to leave? Will she be back?

And then there’s this week’s episode. ZOMG. Was Lane sticking it to SCDP by doing the deed right there in the office? Do you think Don shoulders any responsibility? I will admit I was taken aback by Don’s harsh and immediate action, but upon further reflection I can see how he felt he had no choice. Hiding an employee’s pregnancy, for example, isn’t the same thing as embezzlement, which if left unchecked could ultimately destroy the company.

And then there was poor, sweet Sally “becoming a woman.” My heart went out to her during that scene.

Do you read episode recaps and message boards? I only do so for my very favorite shows: Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Good Wife. My fave site is Television Without Pity. What’s yours?

And finally, a fun quiz: Which Mad Man Are You? I got Salvatore Romano. Still hoping his character will reappear!


What else is on your mind today? Chat away!