Tuesday Open Thread

December 16, 2014

So when DS was 3 years old, he ordered pistachio ice cream because he liked the green color. He LOVED the taste, and started ordering it every chance he got – except he called it “mustache-chio.” “Do they have mustache-chio? I want that flavor!” Oh gawd, the cute!

Last night we went on a boat tour of the Newport Harbor to peep at all the pretty Christmas lights and real estate porn (fun fact I learned: Orange County’s most expensive home is valued at $42 million! Oy). After the tour we stopped at a trendy new ice cream place near our home, which makes fresh ice cream with liquid nitrogen while you wait. We settled in with our treats, and I said, “Alex, do you like the mustache-chio?”

“Mami, it’s not mustache-chio. It’s PUH-stachio,” he said with the slightest tone of condescension.

Waaaaah! This is even sadder than when he stopped calling YouTube “I Yubes.”

Somewhere in my gmail I have a list of “Alex-isms” and “Maya-isms,” and I tried to jot down their malapropisms every time they tripped off their tongue. That way I can print them out some day and put them in their baby books.

What cute things did your kids say? What else is on your mind? Chat away!