Tuesday Open Thread

October 27, 2014

Time to unpack my bags in the wake of an epic guilt trip!

Let me set the scene: DD9 wakes up yesterday complaining that she “feels hot.” We take her temp and sure enough, she is running a fever (100.3). She says she feels fine otherwise but we can’t in good conscience send her to school with a fever.

When it’s time to take DS to preschool I offer to let her stay home alone for the 20 minutes it will take me to get him there and back (she hasn’t really been alone before). She happily agrees and it goes fine: she was instructed not to open the door for anyone, to answer the phone only for me or her father, and spent the time watching Spongebob in our bed.

After DH comes home from his bike ride, I hand off and say I’m heading to the gym. After the gym I decide to hit Trader Joe’s for groceries and it’s a madhouse, crazy crowds and long lines. I realize I won’t be on time to pick DS up at preschool, so I text DH and ask him to go get the boy. Leave DD home, I say, as I’ll be home soon enough.

This is where everything went off the rails: DH apparently told DD I would be home “any minute.” I was held up because of said crowds and lines, then dropped my phone in the parking lot while loading the groceries into my car. My phone DIED. No screen, no power, NOTHING when I plugged it into the car charger. I head home, only to have DD come bursting through the door as soon as the garage opened.

“Where were you?” she asked through tears. “I was scared, I thought something happened to you.” She was trembling and weepy and I hugged her and apologized, telling her I didn’t mean to scare her. DH comes home, works his ninja magic on my phone (I always forget to hit the power and home button AT THE SAME DAMN TIME) and it turns back on. I see a missed call and a voice mail, and hit play.

ZOMG it was DD hyperventilating and crying, “Mami, where are you? You’re not here and I NEED YOU! COME HOME!” Seriously the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. My jaw was on the ground.

So yes, my phone died at the exact moment of my daughter’s existential panic and made it impossible for her to reach me. You can’t make this shit up.

Moral of the story: I need a new fucking phone. Oh, and maybe DD isn’t quite ready to be home alone yet. Sigh.

Have you had any parenting fails lately? How about sweet parenting victories? Do tell!

And by all means, share whatever’s on your mind today…