Tuesday Open Thread

January 7, 2014

Good morning!

I went right from holiday mode into birthday planning mode. DD’s birthday is Jan. 19th, while DS’s birthday s Feb. 4th. Our wedding anniversary is Jan. 17th, but that has become a mere footnote in all this craziness. We might get around to celebrating that sometime in March…

DD has opted for a birthday party at the ice rink. She will be 9, and we’re past the age of including the whole class. So we invited 16 kids (including several cousins and family friends) and we’ll see who can make it.

DS will be 4 and waffles between a Minion party and a Star Wars party. I will likely reserve a space at a local park that has a cool little train ride and ponies. The only wild card is it’s February and the weather could be iffy (yes, I know y’all are rolling your eyes at Californians Complaining About Weather, but we’re major wimps!).

I am looking forward to stopping with the parties already and doing something simpler, but they still enjoy and look forward to them, and I know I won’t be throwing these shindigs forever.

How are you celebrating birthdays nowadays? How does this differ from when your kids were young?

What else is on your mind? Chat away!