Tuesday Open Thread

October 29, 2013

DD’s school district has a random “non-student day” today and I don’t even really know what that means. Teacher training? Furlough? WTF knows. What I DO know is it would have been nice to make it on a Monday or Friday and at least make an impromptu 3-day weekend out of it, amirite?! The kicker: they’re having another non-student day NEXT Tuesday. Sigh.

We’re making the best of it and heading up to a local apple orchard in the nearby mountains. It will be sunny but cool and we will buy and imbibe and inhale many yummy apple products. AUTUMN OUTINGS FTW!!

Last night the kids watched NIghtmare Before Christmas for the first time. This parenting gig sure is fun sometimes.

What are you up to? Chat away!