Tuesday Open Thread

July 23, 2013

So, did you hear that someone had a baby boy yesterday?!

I am not very interested in the royal family, but I am curious to see what Prince William and Princess Kate will name their new son. What do you think they will choose? My money’s on Jayden.  😉

Some days, I think maybe I became a parent not just for the naming privileges, but also for the costumes.

My niece had a 50s themed birthday party. So I thought, why not have fun with it?

In other news, I am already buying the new back pack and lunch bag and uniform skirts and school supplies. Trying to chip away at the back-to-school purchases, now that we’re one month away. When do you start preparing for the inevitable return?

Also, yesterday DD asked me if I had any boyfriends before I met DH. Then she proceeded to pepper me with questions about why I broke up with them. I found it all amusing and tried to keep it simple: because they didn’t make me happy. And I told her DH did and still does make me happy. I am curious to see when or if she will ask DH about his romantic history.  😆

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!