Tuesday Open Thread

January 29, 2013

Hi all! How are you today? As for me, still crooked, still headachey, but hanging in there.

Today I will share this diatribe by a fellow mom that is amazing in its smug condescension. Seriously, I thought it was satire, but I kept reading and realized with horror that she is DEAD SERIOUS. The subject of her judgment? Her “career woman” friend who’s not sure if she’s ready for children.

In a way, telling yourself that you’re not ready to become a parent is like saying, “I’m not ready to broaden my horizons.” Or, “I’m not ready to be humbled on a daily basis.” Or, “I’m not ready to feel my heart swell up with admiration and pride.”

I know it seems like a big step. I know it looks like motherhood is giving up yourself. It’s not. It’s just shedding the parts of you that you don’t really need anymore. There’s no guidebook that can prepare you for that; you learn through the experience of it. Motherhood is like boot camp for the soul.

And that was actually one of the least obnoxious passages. Seriously.

Reaction was swift and plentiful and universally disapproving. The comments attached to the article are equally entertaining. Give it a read and share your thoughts.

What else is on your mind today? Chat away!