Tuesday Open Thread

November 6, 2012

It’s Election Day, y’all! ZOMFG.

It’s going to be a long, anxious, queasy day. At least for me. I am nervous as hell, despite Nate Silver’s soothing statistics. God bless all those people on the ground doing GOTV.

I won’t be heading to my polling place until after I pick my daughter up at school. She is especially keen on voting with me and seeing how the process works. She is even more interested after receiving a letter from our President!

She wrote him a letter about a month ago, wishing him luck in the election and telling him she too would like to be President someday. We addressed and stamped the envelope together and I drove her to the post office so she could drop it in the mailbox.

In return, she got a pretty standard form letter, an autographed photo, a picture of the White House, a map of all the rooms, a presidential Q&A, a few activity sheets, and a Bo the dog trading card. She was thrilled, and so was I.

She will be sharing the letter with her classmates today. She has told me that if Obama loses, she will cry. I tried to assure her that no matter what happens, we will continue to live our values and to try and make our community a better place, as the President’s letter admonished. I was at a loss as to what else to say to her. Any suggestions?

Is anything else on your mind today? Chat away!