Tuesday Open Thread

July 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Update on DD’s figure skating: some of you may remember her last competition in February, where her 4th place finish caused a meltdown of such epic proportions that it made me ponder pulling her from the sport altogether. I was afraid that her perfectionist tendencies didn’t mesh with the sport, but DH insisted that she loved it too much to make her quit.

Together with her coach we reevaluated her goals. Maya decided to enter another competition under the Dramatic Spotlight category, where she skated to Swan Lake. Her coach rightly saw that for Maya, it isn’t necessarily about the athleticism, but about the artistry. DD took twice weekly lessons in preparation for the competition, and insisted on arriving early for extra ice time. She was committed and passionate and in the end, it paid off! She scored 5 points and won a 1st place ribbon. She was elated and so were we. But we made sure to tell her it wasn’t about coming in 1st, but about her dedication and improvement (she scored 3 points last time). Whew. What a relief.

I’m happy to say DH was right and I was wrong. I think this was valuable for her and helped her grow quite a bit. She may never be Michelle Kwan, but she is most definitely my beautiful, tenacious swan.

What’s up with you? Chat away!