Tuesday Open Thread

June 19, 2012

It’s Tuesday!

Yesterday’s highlights: our AC unit died, just as the temperature is starting to heat up. And the only time the repair technician could come meant no ballet class for DD. But hey . . . at least we’re not sweating any more!

Then, while I was cooking dinner, 2-year-old DS managed to unlock and open the sliding glass door, disappearing into the back yard before I even noticed. We have a fountain/waterfall back there that I hate, mostly because I don’t feel safe letting DS roam around in the yard. Thankfully, a contractor is coming over today to see about tearing it out, and maybe even replacing it with a spa (at least the spa we can cover!).

Now I am worried that DS might manage to escape through the front door. This is new territory for us, DD never opened doors and we didn’t really have to baby or kid-proof anything for her. She just didn’t go into cabinets and ovens and toilets and sinks. But DS? Oy. Let’s just say he’s lucky he’s so damn cute.

Do you have any child-proofing tips? Tales? Funnies or anecdotes? Please share!

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!