Tuesday Open Thread

June 12, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Update on Maya’s first wedding: she ended up being one of two flower girls! Originally she was going to carry in the cushions for the couple to kneel on, but at the last minute the maid of honor handed her a basket of flower petals. Maya was over the moon. It all went off without a hitch; the bride was glowing, the weather was ideal, and Maya even sat through the Mass (which was in Spanish) and was SO good and patient (she sat toward the front, with the rest of the wedding party). I was quite proud.

Alex, OTOH, was a handful. He was squirming and whining even as the bride was about to  walk down the aisle, so soon after the Mass started, DH took him to the lobby and that’s where they stayed for the rest of the ceremony. He was a pill during the introductions and first dances and all that jazz, but as soon as the dance floor was opened up to everyone, he was in his element. That boy did not stop moving. So all in all, the kids did great!

As for me: I made several mistakes. I had makeup professionally applied and asked for a “vintage” look to go with my dress and hair. End result: too much makeup. I didn’t feel like me. Plus I wore beautiful, expensive shoes, which elicited compliments all night but ended up hurting my feet in ways I can’t describe. I happened to have a pair of flip flops in the car, and those are what I ended up dancing in. Hee.

Lastly, it was my first time wearing Spanx. The verdict: NO. Just, no.

So basically, I felt discomfort and/or pain for much of the night. Lessons learned: no elaborate makeup, bring a pair of cute flats to change into, and Spanx can SUCK IT. I’d rather have a visible paunch 🙂

Have you learned any valuable lessons lately? Do tell! 😉

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!