Tuesday Open Thread

May 15, 2012

It’s Tuesday! And I’m thinking about jury duty.

Yesterday I received my third jury summons in three years. I got an extension on my first two summons because I was breastfeeding (thank you, California!). Now I am no longer breastfeeding, but as I was filling out the form to mail back, I spotted this “REQUEST FOR EXCUSE:”

I have a personal obligation to provide actual and necessary CARE TO ANOTHER. Alternative arrangements are not feasible as the person being cared for is in need of regular and personal care on a full-time basis. This excuse category includes care for children, elderly and persons with disabilities but does not include medical care provided by medical professionals.

So . . . would being a SAHM qualify? I have served on jury duty in the past, but was employed full-time and compensated for missed work. I also had day care for my daughter. Now I am at home full-time and only have access to sporadic babysitting, depending on the kindness of relatives. DH can not take time off to watch the kids, and what the heck would happen if I actually was chosen for a trial?

At the same time I feel guilty, like I’m somehow shirking my civic duty. WWMTD?

And also, why is it that I regularly get called for jury duty but DH, also a registered voter, has been called once in the almost 15 years we have been together?! Ugh.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!