Thursday Open Thread

December 4, 2014

So here’s something that baffles me: people who will defend cops no matter what.

I just don’t get the whole, “Do what the cops say, and they won’t hurt/maim/kill you!” argument. Then there’s the “I got pulled over once, so there’s no racial profiling” point of view.

I actually saw a Facebook comment that said, “Bottom line, if you fight with a cop, you deserve to get shot.” Where does this mindset come from?

Eric Garner is the latest outrage. Unarmed, put in a banned chokehold, ON VIDEO, and still the cops get impunity. I can’t make any sense of anything any more.

What say you, ladies? Will things continue this way, or are we reaching some sort of a tipping point here? Will public outrage ever spur some meaningful change? Anyone in New York have any insight as to the mood and reaction there?

What else is on your mind today?