Thursday Open Thread

September 24, 2014

I got a chuckle out of this: State Farm had to drop Rob Schneider from its advertising campaign after social media blew up with people pointing out that he is an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate.

And he’s pretty hardcore, according to the AV Club:

Unfortunately for State Farm—a company that promotes immunization awareness as a means of preventing the spread of viral diseases that it definitely doesn’t want to pay for—Schneider has a long public history of anti-vaccination statements. For instance, the time he protested a California state bill that would have required parents to be informed of the risks before taking a philosophical exemption to vaccinations, with Schneider comparing them to both the Nuremberg Laws and the forced sterilization of the mentally retarded.

Made me giggle when I remembered his old Saturday Night Live character. In my head I hear his voice: Viruses! Makin’ COPIES! The Polio-meister! Measles-o-raaah-mah!

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