Thursday Open Thread

June 25, 2014

We’re back from North Carolina! It was such a great trip. The highlights: staying at BIL’s rad house, going to see Katy Perry live (DD’s first concert!) and meeting NC Mom for brunch. Total blast, from beginning to end.

Today we asked DD what her very favorite thing to do is. She gave it some thought and said: “Go on vacation.” As we were kids who didn’t get to go very many places, DH and I are so happy to be raising little travelers. While we had flown cross country before, this was their first nonstop flight and they did just great. While I will always miss the baby stage, I will say that this is kind of a golden time for our family. I am loving having a 4-year-old and a 9-year-old.

What are you thankful for on this Thursday? What else is on your mind? Chat away!