Thursday Open Thread

October 17, 2013

So, did you see the Sanctimommy on steroids facebook post that everyone is talking about?

I found it smug, but it didn’t really bother me. It sure did cause a stir, though.

Then I saw this genius and funny post by Glennon Melton at Momastery.

For years I lived in world in which people lived AT ME. For example:

Craig worked out AT ME while I tried to enjoy the couch. So aggressive.

People discussed natural child birth AT ME because they could sense my previous sixty epidurals.

People were constantly calm AT ME.

People attempted ATTACHMENT PARENTING AT ME. (I still don’t know what that really is but it certainly doesn’t sound like something behind which I’d rally.)

People threw Pinterest parties AT ME.

People trained for triathalons AT ME.

People refused to eat carbs after 8 pm AT ME.

I was constantly under attack with all of these judgy people living AT ME. I was living in a hostile world.

Do you ever feel that way? I feel lucky to say that I rarely do, but have no idea if it’s because I’m clueless or a honey badger or maybe a little of both.

Then I felt a little guilty, wondering if people ever feel I’m pointing my avocado AT THEM (read Glennon’s post and that sentence I just wrote will actually make sense!  😆 ).

What say you? Do we sometimes perceive judgment where there is none? Or are Sanctimommies a true scourge?

Also: how much schadenfreude are you feeling towards Boehner, Cruz and company right now? LOLOL FOR EVAH!

What else is on your mind? Chat away!