Thursday Open Thread

May 16, 2013

Today we mourn alongside our beloved musicteacherk, whose husband A. passed away yesterday. He was surrounded by family and love until his last moment in this life, and now we surround our dear C. and her four beautiful kids with love and support. C., we are here for you, today and always. I wish I could be more eloquent, but words can’t express how sad I am or how much I ache for your loss. I know my fellow MTers feel the same way.

Since I can’t find the words, I have decided to act. For years I have wanted to participate in a Relay for Life walk in memory of my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather, both of whom died from cancer. Yesterday I decided it is time. I have a little over two weeks to form a team and pull this off, but I am walking on June 1 in memory of my Abuelita, my Grandpa and for A. I will walk for 24 hours straight if I need to. I hope you will support me by making a donation or dedicating a luminaria in memory of A. or any other loved one you have lost to cancer. If you know and love a survivor, you can dedicate a luminaria in their honor, as well. Please join me.

I love and appreciate this community. I am grateful every day that in this little corner of the Internet, we all have each other’s back.

Please share your words of support and love for C. and family, and feel free to chat about what else is on your mind today. Love to you all.