Thursday Open Thread

May 2, 2013

Happy Almost-Friday, y’all!

Strapless dresses for 8th graders: yea or nay? One New Jersey school board said a big fat nay, upholding a ban on wearing strapless dresses to a school dance despite protests from parents.

Dress codes are nothing new, and this one might have flown under the radar if not for the distinct and foul stench of sexism. When a parent asked the principal why the girls couldn’t wear strapless dresses, the principal said it would be “distracting to boys.”

WTF?! 😯

A parent who led the protests made a damn good point when she argued “it’s neither a woman’s nor a girl’s responsibility to control a man’s or boy’s behavior.”

What say you? Did the school have a right to do this? I just think it’s strange to draw such a stark line in the sand over what amounts to a couple of strips of thin fabric.

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