Thursday Open Thread

November 8, 2012

It’s Thursday, y’all, and I’m still basking in the glow of victory.

This was a long and brutal campaign, but one thing I enjoyed about this election was seeing DD’s budding curiosity about the political process. She watched convention speeches, asked policy questions, even wrote a letter to the President and made an $8 campaign donation. By Election Day, she was quite emotionally invested in Obama’s victory, and it was a truly joyous moment when we heard he won.

How did your kids react to the election? How are you feeling now that it’s all over? I am relieved, but also flabbergasted. Hearing so many asshats on the right ascribing Obama’s decisive victory to “lazy people wanting free stuff” shows me that they just don’t get it. Which is good news for our side, methinks; unless the GOP reboots somehow, they are headed for certain extinction.

What else is on your mind today? Chat away!