Thursday Open Thread

August 16, 2012

SUCK IT, France.

It’s Thursday!

And yesterday was a banner day for this Mami, y’all.

For starters, I accomplished the impossible. Climbed my Everest, if you will. It took watching countless YouTube videos and many an aborted attempt but: yes, I finally managed to French braid my daughter’s hair.

I’m not gonna lie; it got harrowing at times. There was much cursing and flailing and sweating as I struggled to figure out this Byzantine ritual. But like Mitt Romney struggling to live off his stock portfolio during college, I powered through, found my proverbial bootstraps and conquered my meager hairstyling skills once and for all.

It was a little crooked, but it was a start. I will keep trying, and I will perfect it. Then I will get overambitious and fail spectacularly at a Dutch braid. But I digress . . .

My next moment of triumph came after DD’s ice skating practice. DS and I tagged along yesterday, as we had to attend a family birthday celebration immediately following. DS was so cute as he watched Big Sis, pointing her out and yelling for her to “Spin, spin!” When she came off the ice he ran to her and yelled, “Maya! I love you!” and wrapped his arms around her legs.

You may remember my doubts and fears about the dynamic between DD and DS. In short, much of the time he acts like he hates her. But we have been seeing flashes of warmth and even affection on his part. We are trying to work with both of them: correcting Alex when he is unnecessarily harsh or aggressive, and prodding Maya to give her brother space when he needs it. It seems to be working. As we were walking out of the rink, he even held her hand, just for a minute. I felt like I had won the lottery.

It’s the little things, amirite?  😀

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!