Thursday Open Thread

May 24, 2012

Hey all! What’s up?

Yesterday DD was asked to be part of my cousin’s wedding . . . which is two weeks from Saturday! My cousin contacted me and explained they didn’t choose an “official” flower girl or ring bearer because there were so many young kids on her side of the family as well as the groom’s. They didn’t want to risk hurting any feelings or excluding anyone.

So they decided to ask all of the kids to walk down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony. She said no special dresses were necessary, but I suggested all six little girls wear any white dress and add a navy blue sash around the waist to match the bridesmaid dresses. The bride and the moms loved the idea, so I headed to the Fashion District in L.A. where I scored a darling white frock, and some simple sashes for 8 bucks each. SO cute! And the color combo really pops.

I guess we will treat this as sort of a dress rehearsal for DD’s “official” flower girl gig at BIL’s August wedding 😉 In any case, we were already looking forward to the wedding so this just adds some extra excitement.

Did you get any nice surprises lately?

And am I the only one who kinda loves Colin Powell?

Chat away!