Thursday Open Thread

March 29, 2012

It’s Thursday, y’all! And I’m a wreck.

We are house hunting, and trying to sell our home at the same time. Yup, still trying for that bigger home, and that elusive home office for DH. We found the perfect home and are in the thick of offers and counter-offers. In the meantime, people are parading in and out of our house, and keeping the place tidy and (somewhat) clutter-free is driving me batty. On Sunday our Realtor will host an Open House, and on Tuesday we are leaving to Mexico for a week! Whew. To say I am looking forward to this vacation (our first as a family of four!) is quite the understatement.

I buried St. Joseph on Sunday. Send me all the home selling vibes you’ve got!

In other news, actress Alicia Silverstone chews up her son’s food and feeds it to him from her mouth, like a mama bird and baby bird. My take: No. Just . . . no.

And finally: After oh, 18 years or so, I am finally off of the Pill! Yesterday I had my annual Pap smear and after talking it over with my CNM, she inserted a NuvaRing. It’s inserted for 26 days, then taken out. Four days later, you pop a fresh ring in. I was initially skeptical (it’s seriously going to stay in all that time? We won’t feel it during sex?) but I’m keeping an open mind. Plus, not having to worry about taking a Pill every day? Priceless.

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh would still consider me a slut though . . . gosh, I hope so  😆

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!