The People in Your Neighborhood

March 11, 2006

Some good friends of mine bought their first house this week, a mere five blocks away. We checked the sex offender registry to see if any perverts lived near their soon-to-be new address. We found three! Clustered there, right in the sunny stroller path between our house and theirs. Presumably these guys have done their time, paid their debt to society, or however you want to spin it, but dang if I don’t wish they were shipped off to some desert island in the Pacific. Here’s an older post of mine from the old site:

You may be surrounded by sickos and not know it yet. Go to your state Megan’s Law website to find out. Every state has their own form of Megan’s Law, the law named after the 7-year-old Jersey girl who was raped and killed by a known molester who had moved across the street without the family’s knowledge. California publishes the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders on a website, where you might even view a few mugshots and the grisly details of your neighbor’s offenses. Enter at your own risk, especially if you live in a dense, urban area or see the world as generally benign.

Knowing where these Lesters live can complicate matters – like school bus routes. These Texas moms are bummed:

The mothers told KPRC Local 2 that their children are forced to walk by the sex offenders’ residences because the school district does not provide bus service since they are only 1.9 miles away from the school. The district offers bus service for students who live 2 miles away from the school they attend.

Some of the mothers said it is difficult for them to walk their children to and from school because they are single parents, do not have a vehicle, are taking care of other children or have conflicting work schedules.

Sometimes the safety and simplicity of my own childhood seems like a distant dream.