Sunday School Teacher Gets the Axe

August 22, 2006

Mary Lambert is a Sunday School teacher, who has taught in the First Baptist Church in Watertown, New York for 54 years. But on August 9, 2006, she got fired for being female.

WHAT?!?!? Did they just find out?

Ms. Lambert received a letter explaining that the church had adopted an “interpretation” that prohibits women from teaching men.

The letter quoted the first epistle to Timothy: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

SILENT!?!?! Whatever…

The Rev. Timothy LaBouf, who also serves on the Watertown City Council, (how’s THAT for irony? Obviously he doeesn’t take the separation of Church and State seriously…) issued a statement saying his stance against women teaching men in Sunday school would not affect his decisions as a city leader in Watertown, where all five members of the council are men but the city manager who runs the city’s day-to-day operations is a woman.

Does anyone else think this is complete bullshit?