Suggestions for Parenting Books?

June 28, 2006

A friend who just entered her third trimester has asked me for baby book recommendations. She is especially interested in books that will help her get some sleep in those first grueling months.

I haven’t read many “how to parent” books, in general, aside from What to Expect While You’re Expecting (not recommended), Operating Instructions (excellent choice), Baby Catcher (also a very good read), and Raising Cain, although it is not a book specifically for babies, or girls for that matter. What would you recommend? Here is her e-mail, by the way:

Hey Elisa, I’m starting to slow way down at 29 weeks and realized  I don’t have any baby books. What better way to pass time during  the  3rd trimester than to bone up on baby 101, LOL? I’ve had people  recommend the Sears book — which seems to be a classic —  and “Baby  Wise” about how to help your baby sleep through the  night sooner.

What do you think of these books — and are there others you found helpful?

Gracias! Julia

What say you, fellow MTers?