South Dakota Update: Let the People Decide

April 9, 2006

Volunteers are out in full force in South Dakota, obtaining signatures to put the abortion ban on the November ballot. And they are having no trouble at all getting signatures:

Even in the most conservative corners of this conservative state, both Republicans and Democrats — including some voters who say they oppose abortion — are eagerly signing the petition. In two weeks, volunteers have collected a third of the signatures they need to get a November referendum on the ban.

If the referendum is put on the ballot, the abortion ban – which would otherwise take effect  in July – will be put on hold until the November election. If voters reject the law, it will be stricken from the books.

Rep. Roger Hunt, the law’s chief sponsor, thinks that voters will validate his abortion ban come November:

“I certainly look forward to showing the nation this is a pro-life state.”

But is it really, Roger? According to a statewide poll, 57 percent of voters want to overturn the ban. So it’ll come down to who gets out the vote.