Sex Education and Pre-Teens

February 3, 2006

Sex Education is a tricky thing.  I remember being about 7-years-old and being told by a school mate that my parents HAD to have sex for me to be on this earth.  I cried for days.  “Not MY parents!!”  Then, of course the inevitable sex-ed class.  I remember having to get my parents to sign the permission slip when I was a 5th grader so that I can be present.  I begged and pleaded with my parents.  I was a very curious 10-year-old.  

Both the boys and girls sat together for this class.  We were shown a film that had drawings of the female and male genitalia and were explained as to what changes we should expect.  We all left with goody bags. Deodorant, a little tube of toothpaste and a feminine pad.

That was 25 years ago!!

So, excuse me for not understanding why these Rhode Island parents are so up in arms about their children being taught sex education while sitting together.  

Hmmmm…..perhaps it was that the children were shown how to insert a tampon??  

Rosemary Molaro, whose son attended the program, said she was flabbergasted when her son came home and told her, “I know exactly what you do with that thing in the bathroom with the string attached to it.”

“I was caught off guard,” said Molaro, who was unaware that the assembly was taking place. “I just turned completely red.”

Molaro was among a number of parents who have expressed concerns about the presentation. They cite its graphic nature, the age of the students and the fact that boys and girls watched it together.

Come to think of it, tampon insertion is where I would probably draw the line too. . .