Saturday Open Thread

June 9, 2012

It’s the weekend, y’all!

Here’s the final report on Maya’s “social skills group” mishap: every teacher and administrator involved went out of their way to respond quickly, investigate what happened, give us a full rundown, and fill Maya in. We received a thorough explanation of the group’s goal, which is a good one, and were told that because teachers were attending training sessions on that day, several balls were dropped and the instructional aide who was left in charge of the group that day basically screwed up big time.

She thought the kids were in due to discipline issues, and only after questioning them realized they were there for social skills. Maya attended again today and the teacher in charge sent us a detailed rundown of what they did and talked about. Maya came home and told us she enjoyed herself and would like to do it again next year (this “lunch bunch” meets Thursdays and Fridays, and it’s voluntary).

I expressed my gratitude for their quick response but made it clear that we are to be notified should they ever again decide to include Maya in a similar group. So all in all, I am satisfied. But geez, did this incident get my mama bear hackles raised. To think, it will only get more complicated as she gets older . . .

And all this on the eve of my cousin’s wedding! Yesterday we had to attend to a bunch of last-minute details, but Maya’s dress is ready, and we are looking forward to seeing her march down the aisle today. I love weddings!

Lastly, I am sending prayers out to our dear musicteacherk and her family as her DH undergoes surgery today. C, we are thinking of you and sending our strongest prayers, karma and get well vibes. You have scores of ladies in your corner, here to help however we can across the miles.

Please add your well wishes to this post, and tell us what else is on your mind this weekend.