Saturday night/Sunday Afternoon Running Diary

June 17, 2006

The main purpose of this diary is to coax Rachel into sharing how her 10K run went today!

But, since I’ve opened this diary, I’ll share first.  I’m following a training schedule developed for the Marine Corps Marathon by Jeff Galloway, and it features an interactive web-based workout log that is just phenomenal!  It’s through, which is an all-around helpful site with regard to all sorts of sports and exercise.
So I get emails from Jeff Galloway every day now, and today he told me to run ten miles, so I did.  It’s the longest run I’ve done since completing the half marathon the last weekend of April, and I had to run it alone.  It went pretty well, I ran 5.5 of it outside and then ran to my gym and ran the last 4.5 on the treadmill.  

So, MotherTalkerRunners, how’s your running going?