Running Away From Home

March 1, 2006

When I was about 8-years-old, I had a fight with my mother. I was VERY upset, although I don’t exactly remember why. What I do remember is what I was wearing…a yellow, very old, thinned out pajama with a picture of a teddy bear in the front. I remember screaming at my mother, “I’m running away from home!”  I then proceeded to put on my roller skates. I was determined to leave, and leave quickly.

Have times changed! It appears that in Big Bear Lake, California, two 14-year-old boys, had a disagreement with their respective parents, and decided to run away. Did they put on their roller skates? Um, no.  They stole a single-engine Mooney M20C airplane belonging to one of the boys’ parents.

Not only did they steal the plane, the flew the plane and crashed the plane.  Thankfully, the boys suffered minor injuries. Officials said they didn’t know why the plane went down but speculated it ran out of gas.

Although neither boy has a pilot’s license , the one who piloted the plane flew regularly with his father.

The boys were arrested for investigation of airplane theft and burglary.

Any of you have any funny “running away from home” stories? How do you plan on dealing with this issue when YOUR child says those four little words?